System Integration

Syncro Corporation offers the flexibility, responsiveness, outstanding quality and reduced cost for your system integration projects. Syncro is a solid electronics manufacturing services (EMS) partner that has the experience, systems, infrastructure and flexibility to scale production to meet your customer demand levels. As a lean manufacturer, Syncro Corporation can respond quickly to end-market demand fluctuations, reduce your inventory exposure and improve your bottom line.

Integrated Services Key to Fulfillment

Regardless of product complexity or volume requirements, Syncro helps you keep your product delivery in SYNC with your end-market demand. This approach significantly reduces manufacturing cycles, order fulfillment, and improves inventory management.

Our systems integration services are enriched by a global manufacturing network, consistent information technology (IT) systems and processes, and supply chain management expertise. Our integrated services and solutions include:

  • Order management skills
  • Build-to-order (BTO)
  • Configure-to-order (CTO)
  • Global order fulfillment

Syncro Corporation will manage the day-to-day administration of in-bound vendor managed inventory (VMI) programs, out-bound finished goods hubs and the details of import/export regulations and compliance.

Custom Build to Order and System Integration

Whatever your manufacturing volume or complexity needs, our build-to-order systems integration capabilities can be scaled to meet them. Our systems integration capabilities include:

  • CTO and BTO assembly
  • High-velocity manufacturing
  • High-mix/low-volume manufacturing
  • Complex configuration management
  • Systems integration
  • Test and analysis

Our flexible and responsive systems integration services deliver significant improvement in cycle time, asset utilization, and product reliability. Our experienced team is in SYNC with your objectives through integrated systems and processes, using fact-based process management and focusing on continuous improvement.